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L. Sheng, and K. Y. Tam, 1999; Viswanath Venkatesh, Morris, Davis, and Davis, 2003. However, despite matlab programming large volume of reports during this area, and however matlab programming TAM is considered matlab well diagnosed model in matlab programming field of ISs Gefen, Karahanna, and Straub, 2003, systematic analysis within matlab programming context of healthcare continues to be missing, thus indicating matlab colossal gap of potential in HIS. Therefore, extending TAM and gaining empirical evidence to aid HIS adoption within health groups by carrying out more replication reviews is necessary to increase confidence and reputation of matlab programming TAM as matlab suitable theory in healthcare field Ducey, 2013; Melas, et al. Thus, matlab programming maximum torque per ampere occurs when is at its highest value and, as a result, is equal to zero matlab programming implementation of matlab programming inverter control calls for matlab programming comments alerts of matlab programming line currents and rotor position instantaneous values, as shown Figure 4. The details of matlab programming control strategy are extra explained in Section 3. A simplified diagram of matlab programming DC link control is shown in Figure 3. Due to matlab programming characteristic of closed loop, it is essential to measure matlab programming stator currents and rotor angular place. These measurements are performed by two latest sensors, and matlab hall sensor used to calculate matlab programming speed and estimate matlab programming rotor position. The instantaneous values of stator currents and are mathematically converted Clarke and Park modifications after which used as matlab programming comments for and control loops.